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Introducing n=1, A New Nutrition and Diet Podcast

If you've been following this blog, This Week in Nutrition, or the NutritionWonk social media accounts, you'll know that Kevin Klatt, PhD and I have been working hard on a new podcast that examines popular diets and ways of eating. The premise of the podcast is to pick a way of eating (think vegan or paleo, or even medical diets like DASH or dialysis diets) and unpack some of the evidence behind them. But since we don't want to write off something without truly experiencing it, we are also going to TRY the ways of eating!

Take a listen to our intro podcast to learn about us, our CURRENT dietary habits, and our plans for future podcasts:

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Here is the link to our podcast in the iTunes store:

Want to be a guest?

We are really interested in featuring interviews of nutrition researchers and clinicians (especially dietitians) who have unique experiences working in the diet space. In particular, if you've developed or work with therapeutic diets for specific diseases or done primary research on aspects of diet and you'd like to be featured PLEASE reach out to!

DISCLAIMER: All the content presented in these podcasts is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide nutrition advice. If you're considering a diet change please seek out your physician and a registered dietitian. All views are those of the podcast hosts and guests and don't represent the views of their employers. For Katherine's disclosures please see the About page!

Comments? Leave them here!

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