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n=1 Episode 2: The Keto Experience

*Disclaimer: This podcast is not intended as nutrition advice, if you are planning to make a dietary change, please consult with a physician or registered dietitian. The content of this podcast reflects the views of the speakers or guests and not those of their employers. In this episode, Kevin Klatt, PhD, and Katherine Pett, MS, RDN reflect on the time they recently spent trying out the keto diet. Did they see the benefits many proponents claim? Were there any downsides? Kevin Klatt shares some of his experience trying out the keto diet during his senior year in high school. Online testimonials for non-therapeutic (i.e. not medical use) of the ketogenic diet come with a range of glowing reviews, from weight loss, to increased energy, to clearer thinking. Not surprising, since these same results are touted for nearly every popular way of eating (WOE). So when two nutritionists try the keto diet themselves, does the experience live up to the hype? what are the pros and cons? Keep in mind that this podcast just delves into K&K's *personal* experiences trying this way of eating; it might not seem reminiscent of yours and that's ok! Everyone's experiences are unique.

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