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n=1 Episode 3: What's the DASH Diet?

In this episode, Kevin Klatt, PhD, and Katherine Pett, MS, RDN have their first guest, Rosanne Rust MS, RDN, LDN to talk about the science and history of the DASH diet. What is DASH? Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Though the DASH diet has been around since the 90's it doesn't get the same breathless coverage as the latest eating craze, but why? Rosanne, Katherine, and Kevin go through the state of the science at the time of the development of the diet as well as some of the major trials. So tune in and learn: What is the DASH diet and who might it be right for?

*Disclaimer: This podcast is not intended as nutrition advice, if you are planning to make a dietary change, please consult with a physician or registered dietitian. The content of this podcast reflects the views of the speakers or guests and not those of their employers.

Basic DASH Guidelines can be found here.

Interested in reading more of the science we reference in the podcast? Here are our sources:

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Kevin & Katherine's "About Me" and Disclosures:

Rosanne Rust's "About Me" and Disclosures:

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