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 ABOUT Nutrition Wonk: 

Nutrition Wonk is a site for people who love nutrition science as much as they love food.


Founded by Katherine, @NutritionWonk, MS in Nutrition Biochemistry and Epidemiology and a registered dietitian; the vision of Nutrition Wonk is to provide high-quality nutrition science news, opinions, and interactive content for readers.


On many websites, nutrition science is filtered through the lens of a particular diet outlook or "way of eating" philosophy. Not here. At Nutrition Wonk, we just want to cover the science and its context, not promote a specific diet.  All science lovers are welcome here.

DISCLOSURES! Nutrition Wonk is an unfunded blog and gets no advertising revenue and does not do paid posts (if that "store" section of the website ever gets up and running maybe you can buy a button and that would be like a dollar towards the site's upkeep but don't hold your breath). Katherine's day job is as a dietitian for Conagra Brands (a food company) and she formerly worked as a clinical dietitian. The content on Nutrition Wonk are the personal opinions of Katherine or the other blog contributors and not of her employer.


If you're a nutrition scientist, dietitian, or healthcare professional and you'd like to contribute, please send your idea to or fill out the contact form! 



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